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Date: 2017
Location: Lutz, Florida

Digital Collage, Cad Plans

Lutz proposes the redevelopment of Florida McMansions through the parasitic strategy of semi-legal artist lofts. The palace is carved up and redistributed to a community of people who are free to modify it to their needs. They in turn conduct maintenance, pay taxes for its infrastructural upkeep and provide the community with an arts venue. What starts as a squat becomes a thriving production zone and cultural hub, spawning similar redevelopments and creating a denser, more sustainable model for suburban inhabitation. Through this kind of organic community development, which privileges adaptive reuse over property ownership and exclusivity, more extensive commercial production can be reintroduced. This is not urban planning but rather a template for guerrilla development that attempts to reverse the process of artists being used to oil the machine of speculation and consumption, turning it into one of production and community building.